Get ready to DIY with this dried flower kit

DIY Dried Bouquet

Dried flowers are trending

Dried flowers are a must have for your home for many reasons! They're elegant and timeless, and they're the easiest flowers to take care of.
Even better: dried bouquets are true pieces of art that match both a rustic and a modern style. A sober design with neutral earth tones or some added pops of color, it's up to you!

DIY Dried bouquets by Tifiori picture of dried flowers

Pick your favorite design from our DIY collection

Specially for you, we designed these DIY dried bouquet kits that you can arrange yourself at home, exactly the way you want it.

DIY Dried bouquet Tifiori dried flowers in box

It's perfect to skip the hassle of drying all the flowers yourself, and you're guaranteed to get amazing quality flowers that will look lovely in your home.
Plus: each kit comes with clear instructions, so let's DIY!

Take your pick and choose a design with your favorite color:

Naturel - Blue - Orange - Pink - Yellow   


DIY Dried bouquets collection Tifiori dried flowers 

Expert tips for your dried flowers

Keep your new decorative pieces looking fresh with these tips for dried bouquets:


Choose a vase that gives the stems plenty of space!

Create the center of your bouquet first and work outward.

Arrange the different types of flowers evenly throughout the bouquet, or bundle them by type.

DIY Dried bouquets by Tifiori

Keep your bouquet away form direct sunlight.

Shape the bouquet however you like: everything is allowed!

And enjoy!


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