Come home in style with these beautiful bouquets

Fresh start with Tifiori

Are you still in vacation mode? Time for a fresh start!

As the world outside changes color and prepares for autumn, we do the same. Our new Tifiori platform will help you find the most trendy flowers and plants for a fresh start at home!

Home is where the heart is

Coming back home after a holiday can be tricky sometimes. You might be happy to have the comfort of your own bed again, but need a little help to get back into your routine. Allow yourself a little something and surround yourself with fresh bouquets for an energy boost. Some flower power will do the trick!


Tifiori bouquets

The best bouquets to come home to

Flowers can increase your happiness and even improve your focus. No back-to-work blues for you, because you're totally prepared!
Their elegant look and fresh scent will brighten up your home in no time.

The Sweet Blossom bouquet with its soft petals and pink and purple tones gives you that sense of tranquility that you need in your home.

Sweet Blossom bouquet Tifiori

A modern piece that instantly gives your home a warm touch? Our Hearty Home bouquet is the perfect center piece for your favorite spaces. The beautiful orange tones will charm everyone!

Hearty Home bouquet Tifiori

If you want a reminder with tropical elements of your vacation, you should go for the Fairy Bloom bouquet. Inspired by a magical garden of wild flowers, its trending color palette will remind you of the amazing memories you made!

Fairy Bloom

Discover our Tifiori's Choice collection and start fresh with us.

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Discover our unique collection of premium quality flowers and plants grown with exceptional care. Bouquets of fresh flowers are put together by our creative florists and with our large variety of plants, you can find one for every space in your home or garden.
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