All Saints, a moment to cherish beautiful memories

All Saints, a moment to cherish beautiful memories

November 1st is often a moment of remembrance and to cherishing beautiful memories we have of our loved ones. It's a time to come together with family and friends and be there for each other.

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Sometimes we can't find the words to express our emotions, but flowers are always here for us and show how much we care. They bring a touch of positivity and help us to look back with a smile.

Say it with roses

Roses are the ultimate token of love and appreciation. Show your support with an elegant rose bouquet or a unique Belle d'Avalane flowerbox filled with serene white roses.

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All Saints designs

Our Tifiori team designed some special creations for this occasion. Which is your favorite, a traditional bouquet or a modern floral piece?

This bouquet with its serene white roses arranged between subtle green leaves immediately creates a sacred and loving feeling. The Serene White Rose bouquet is a beautiful traditional design in memory of a loved one.

Serene White Rose bouquet Toussaint

The Forever In Our Hearts floral arrangement forms a beautiful tribute to someone dear in our hearts. Its warm color palette reminds of the beautiful memories, while the white flowers add a feeling of peace.

Forever In Our Hearts floral arrangement Toussaint

Lovely soft pink and sacred yellow emerge as the main colors in this In Loving Memory Wreath. A wreath being the symbol of eternity, it’s a perfect piece to place on the grave or to remember your loved ones at home with fresh flowers.

In Loving Memory Wreath Toussaint Tifiori
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