7 tips to keep your flowers fresh longer

7 tips to keep your flowers fresh longer


Flowers stir something in us. Whether it is meant for your favorite person, to express your feelings or to liven up your home: each bouquet something meaningful! When you buy a bouquet of quality flowers, you want to be able to enjoy them for as long as possible. So here are our top tips to keeping your flowers fresh for longer.

1. Always start with a clean vase

To avoid bacterial residue from a previous bouquet affecting your newest addition, it's wise to clean the vase with some detergent. Opt for a glass vase that's easy to clean and gives your bouquet plenty of space. A porous or iron vase that oxidizes quickly with water will significantly reduce the life of your flowers.

Psssttt...don't forget to remove your flowers from their packaging first! This is essential, since it retains heat and moisture - the perfect ingredients for mold to grow. Mold contaminates not only the water, but also the stems themselves.

2. Wonderful water

Key here is: the right amount. For a typical bouquet with leaner stems, you can usually fill the vase about 2⁄3 with water. For some varieties, such as sunflowers, Zantedeschias and Amaryllis, the vase may be a little fuller because they are water lovers. Lukewarm water at room temperature is perfect in most cases.

It's best to change the water every 2 to 3 days for healthy flowers, and it doesn't hurt to rinse the stems under the tap before placing them back in the vase. This way less bacteria will get into freshwater.

Extra tip: To keep tulips fresh and gleaming, place them in cold water. A smaller amount of water is sufficient to keep them healthy.

3. Cut the stems at an angle (with the right tools)

The most important rule when it comes to flower care is to cut the stems at the bottom at a 45-degree angle. But why exactly? Well, by doing so, you create a larger surface area for the stem to absorb water. Flowers should also be cut quite short. Cut off at least two centimetres with a sharp knife. Do not use scissors (we know, it's tempting because it seems easier but...); this will crush the stems and cause the vessels to absorb less water. Flower stems are slightly sensitive... ok, maybe really sensitive but their sensitivity is part of their awe and beauty! Don't forget to put your flowers in water immediately afterwards!

Cutting flower stems

4. Find the right spot

To provide the ideal environment for your colourful leafy friends, it's best to pick a place with lots of indirect sunlight. This way, the flowers will open up nicely. However, avoid heat sources such as the central heating or in front of a large window. The heat will cause flowers to dry out quickly. Fruit bowls are also not your bouquet's best friend. That is because ripening fruit produces ethylene gas, which causes your flowers to wilt more quickly.

5. Remove leaves hanging in the water

By removing all the leaves that are below the water line, you ensure that the water stays clean. This is because these rot pretty quickly, causing bacteria to enter the water. Remove the leaves, and your flowers will stay beautiful for a longer time!

6. Food please! Add some food for your flowers

To extend the life of your flowers, you can add a bag of flower food to the water. This usually contains nutrients to help the flowers bloom beautifully (also these cute packages contain an agent that kills bacteria). Pay attention to the recommended amount on the bag, be sure not to add too much! This can damage your bouquet. Healthy balance is key!

If necessary, ask your florist for advice, because not every type of flowers is the same. You can also make your own food at home, but beware of alternative home remedies such as aspirin or adding a copper coin to the water. These do not always have the desired effect and can even be harmful to your bouquet.

Food for flowers

7. Save wilting flowers

Flaccid flowers that do not open can be helped by cutting the stems again at an angle. This can be especially helpful with roses and hydrangeas. After cutting, place them in slightly warmer water for about an hour.

Are your flowers inevitably lost? Then remove the wilted ones from your bouquet, and the rest of your flowers will bloom longer.

Flowers bouquets Tifiori


There you go, with these tips you have all the knowledge you need to enjoy your beautiful flowers even longer. May they brighten up your home for a long time to come! Are you still unsure about something or do you have a special type of flower that requires more expertise? Ask your local florist, they will surely know what to do!


Bonus tip

Do you think it's a shame to see your beautiful bouquet wilt after two weeks? Then, try drying your flowers yourself to preserve them longer! With roses, for example, you can do this perfectly. Hang them upside down on a piece of string in a dry and dark ventilated place for up to 3 weeks (preferably not in the bathroom or near your kitchen stove). To provide extra protection from falling leaves, you can use a lick of hairspray.

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